Wine Cellar Consultants

Why build with Custom Wine Cellars?

  • Accountability
    Our business is based upon providing our customers accountability for the project as a whole. We provide complete services for every phase of your project and each step in the process will be handled directly by the owners of Custom Wine Cellars.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Over 90% of our business comes from references, so nothing is more important to us than your ultimate satisfaction.
  • Continuity
    The person you speak with on the phone will be the same person to meet with you in your home, design your cellar and complete your installation.
  • Experience
    We have over 200 completed projects and offer extensive references and site visits to completed cellars in your area.
  • Reliability
    We will come in on time and on budget, guaranteed.

Our Wine Cellar Consultation Process:

  • Phone or email consultation to discuss your project and if required, arrange an appointment.
  • One or both of us will visit your home

Initial Site Visit:

  • Assess potential Cellar Sites and discuss the benefits and limitations of each site
  • Take raw measurements of the selected site to prepare an initial racking design
  • Discuss the potential capacity of the selected site
  • Discuss which type(s) of cooling system(s) are possible.
  • Look at our portfolio of completed projects: Discuss design elements and materials
  • Other Considerations: Flooring, Lighting, Doors, Glass Shelves, Etc...
  • Discuss time frames and follow up actions

Wine Cellar Construction:

A) Custom Wine Cellars can build your room from the ground up.
B) We can work with onsite contractors and provide full specifications and consulting services.

Wine Cellar Time Frames:

  • If you are interested in moving forward you will receive CAD of our proposed design and a detailed proposal in approximately 7-10 days.
  • Once the final racking design has been agreed upon and a deposit submitted your racking will be delivered in 6-8 weeks. Custom Wine Cellars will meet the delivery at your home and begin installation immediately.
  • Average installations take from 3-5 days.
  • If Custom Wine Cellars is building your room for you we will complete the project within the 4-6 weeks the racking will take to be built.