Wine Cellar Cooling Experts


A. Through the Wall Wine Cooling Units

These units are effective and economical if you have a room adjacent to your cellar that you can vent the residual heat and noise into. Excellent for unfinished and partially finished basements.

B. Ductless Split Wine Cooling Systems

The slimline evaporator/fan (far right) is mounted in the cellar and the condenser can either be indoor or outdoor (B1). Advantage is that majority of heat and noise removed from cellar area. Perfect for finished construction where there is no easy place to vent the heat and noise of the condenser.

C. Self Contained Split Wine Cooling Systems

This system is great for special applications and tricky spaces. Removes all the components from the room to an adjacent room. Only thing visible in cellar are registers (C1). Humidification and Dehumidification can be added to this type of system.

D. Air Handler Wine Cooling Systems

– The most sophisticated and expensive cooling system. Removes all heat and noise from the cellar (and in most cases the home). Only thing seen in cellar are registers (see upper portion of D1) The cellar itself is silent and this type of system can be fitted with an humidification/dehumidification unit.