Building your First Custom Wine Cellar

February 14, 2019


What is the average number of bottles you would suggest a wine cellar be built to hold?

A typical number would be for about 1,000 – 1,500 bottles. However, we’ve built cellars for as small as a few hundred bottles and as large as 10,000 bottles. It all depends upon the needs of the customer and their consumption and collecting habits.

What is a good starting point for someone who wants to build a beginner’s wine cellar?

First, assess your needs, capacity, budget, projected future consumption? Then, call a qualified wine cellar contractor who can review options with you and provide suggestions.

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How much space does the average 1,000-bottle wine cellar require?

The average space for this quantity would be approximately 8 by 10 feet.

What affects the cost of construction of a wine cellar?

Room preparation: insulation, vapor barrier, wall coverings, lighting, flooring. Temperature and humidity control. Racking: artistic vs. utilitarian design, as well as choice of woods, materials.

How can you structure the cost of a wine cellar to stay within a budget?

Adjust the cellar’s capacity, the design of the racking and cooling systems, the type of flooring, lighting, doors, moldings, etc.

What type of wine cellar cooling units do you suggest?

Most people choose a self-contained system such as “Whispercool” or “Breezeaire”. We also offer split and ducted systems for those with more demanding applications.

How long does it take to complete the average wine cellar?

From design to completion takes an average of 10-12 weeks, but actual construction time is usually between three and five days.

What is the most exotic wine cellar you have worked on?

We recently completed a project for an 8,000-bottle, four-room cellar that incorporated custom moldings, hidden cooling systems, ornate arches and pillars, custom doors, tumbled marble flooring as well as automated lighting and audio systems. We worked with the architect, builder and homeowner to incorporate the cellar into the overall design of the home.

What is your opinion on the self-contained wine cellar units?

The downside of these units is that they are not expandable and may only provide a temporary solution.

When would you suggest a self-contained wine cellar units over a wine cellar?

For customers with limited space, budget or smaller collections, a self-contained unit may be a good choice.

What is the average cost associated with the construction of a wine cellar?

Self-contained cooling units start at approximately $1,500. Exotic cooling systems may cost as much as $10,000 or more. Custom racking starts at about $4 per bottle and top quality custom jobs typically average $10-12 per bottle.

Room construction costs vary greatly depending upon existing conditions. In new construction or renovation of a house, use contractors already working on the site to build the basic cellar, and then have someone like Custom Wine Cellars add the racking, cooling system and finishing details. Artistic touches add expense. Recessed lighting and chandeliers, mosaic tiles and flooring, stucco and masonry work, custom-wood doors, stained glass, wrought iron, fiberglass and artwork all increase the cost for the project.

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