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Has your wine cellar cooling system stopped working? No worries! Custom Wine Cellars is here to help, and we offer end-to-end wine cellar repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our experts have spent years understanding the design and functionality of different cooling systems. No matter the extent and nature of the dilemma you are facing, you can count on us to come up with a sustainable cure.

Wine Cooling Systems

We represent all types of high quality cooling systems including: Through the wall units, ductless split systems, self contained air handlers and split air handlers. We provide complete installation services and repairs.

Wine Cellar Cooling Wall Unit

Through the Wall
Cooling Units

These units are effective and economical if you have a room adjacent to your cellar that you can vent the residual heat and noise into. Excellent for unfinished and partially finished basements.

Wine Cellar Cooling Ductless Unit

Ductless Split
Cooling Systems

The slimline evaporator/fan is mounted in the cellar and the condenser can either be indoor or outdoor. Advantage is that majority of heat and noise removed from cellar area. Perfect for finished construction where there is no easy place to vent the heat and noise of the condenser.

Wine Cellar Cooling Self Contained Unit

Self Contained Split
Cooling Systems

This system is great for special applications and tricky spaces. Removes all the components from the room to an adjacent room. Only thing visible in cellar are registers. Humidification and Dehumidification can be added to this type of system.

Wine Cellar Cooling Air Handler Unit

Air Handler
Cooling Systems

The most sophisticated and expensive cooling system. Removes all heat and noise from the cellar (and in most cases the home). Only thing seen in cellar are registers. The cellar itself is silent and this type of system can be fitted with a humidification/dehumidification unit.

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Wine Cellar Maintenance Services

Your wine cooling system, like all other systems, require regular maintenance to function the way it should. A functional cooling system helps maintain optimal temperature – an essential condition for preserving the taste of wines.

Maintenance issues can become significant problems in the blink of an eye. To help our customers preserve their wine collection for years, we create a maintenance plan at the time of installation.

We strongly recommend that you stick to your maintenance schedule. During maintenance sessions, our experts conduct various tests to detect current and potential issues. Once these professionals understand the nature and extent of the problem troubling the system, they come up with a solution to eliminate the issues before they gets out of hand.

During a maintenance session we:

  • Check all the moving parts
  • Inspect electrical components including fans and motors
  • Check and clean the condenser coil and filter

The importance of regular maintenance

When it comes to getting the most out of your cellar cooling system, the importance of periodically maintaining it cannot be emphasized enough. Remember, no maintenance flaw is a minor issue. Even a seemingly minor setback can impact the quality of your wines resulting in your efforts and precious dollars going down the drain.

Whenever you encounter a repair or maintenance issue, remember help is just a phone call away.

A one-stop destination for all your cooling repair needs

No matter whether you are pinned down by a minor problem or are experiencing a major repair issue, we will devise with an accurate solution. Our experts are thorough professionals who hate jumping to conclusions.

We understand that even experts can commit errors. To ensure there is no room for costly mistakes, we use a comprehensive checklist developed by industry experts. It is this professional approach that has helped us win the trust of wine lovers in New City.

Our Services

Custom Wine Cellar Designs

Wine Cellar Design & Consultants

Customized wine cellar designs to fit your space and meet your needs.

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Custom Wine Cellar Construction

Wine Cellar Construction

Our wine cellars are constructed using the finest materials and hand-crafted into the showcase cellar that your home deserves.

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Wine Cellar Service and Repair

Wine Cellar Cooling Service & Repair

Our staff has over 30 years of experience installing, servicing and repairing a complete range of high quality wine cellar cooling systems.

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