Wine Cellar Construction

Need a custom wine cellar? All roads lead to Custom Wine Cellars. We have been in the business of designing and constructing custom wine cellars for the past 2 ½ decades. 

Steps to Wine Cellar Construction

IWine cellar construction is an involved task. We know how costly cellar construction mistakes could be. To avoid errors and stay the course, we break down our wine cellar construction projects into the following small tasks.

Deciding the cellar location

IThe first step involves deciding the wine cellar location. Ideally we are looking for a dark, humid and cool spot in your home, but these days we can install a wine cellar practically anywhere in a home.

Framing the space

If you are having a cellar constructed for the first time, we will have to frame out the wine cellar. If the space is in a basement we need to ensure all concrete walls are treated and sealed efore framing, we seal and insulate the walls.

Rough-in refrigeration and Electrical

If you have a ducted air handler, we will run the ducting to the air handler and then from the air handler to the condenser location. In most cases, condensers are located outdoors. At this point, we will also run a drain line and electric.

If we decided to use a ductless split, we will run the line set from the ductless split to the condenser. We will also run a drain line and electric.

If installing a self-contained unit, we will first measure the unit and create appropriately-sized space for the unit. We will also run an electric outlet near the space and create a drain line. Because self-contained units usually don’t have the ability to add humidity, we may have to allow for an electrical outlet for a humidifier.

Selecting the insulation and vapor barrier

Two main options for insulating wine cellars include:

  • Fiberglass batts
  • Spray foam

Although using a spray foam will cost you more, it reduces the chances of your vapor barrier developing a puncture mark caused by plumbing , screw insertions, or wires running through the wall. High-quality spray foam is designed to expand and fill the crevices ensuring a tight seal.

Installing a vapor barrier

We also insure we install a moisture barrier by installing a 6-mil vapor barrier. The steps to installing a vapor barrier include:

  • Wrapping the walls and filling holes in the framing. This is done to reduce air movement.
  • Once the barrier is installed, we will use fiberglass batts to insulate the stud and joist cavities.

Electrical Outlets

When placing electrical outlets in wine cellars, we take extra care to ensure compliance with local building codes. To ensure the outlet is not obstructed by a wine rack post, we place it in the dead spaces at the corners.

Wine Cellar Walls and Ceilings

We always use water-resistant drywall, commonly known as a green board for insulating cellar walls and ceiling. Water-resistant drywall is a natural choice for wine cellar walls and ceilings. It is highly resistant to high humidity and does not develop problems easily when installed in humid areas.

Wine Cellar Wall and Ceiling Finishes

At this point, we will introduce various decorative options to cover your walls and ceiling. A popular decorative option is tongue and groove material that complements the wood, lacquer, and stain on the racking.

Wine Cellar Flooring

It is essential to choose a flooring option that can withstand high humidity. Some decorative flooring options include hardwood flooring, cork, and porcelain tiles.

Wine Cellar doors

We install an exterior grade door and seal it on all sides with weather stripping. The bottom is sealed with a threshold and door sweep. If you want us to use a glass door, we will thermopane it to allow for insulation properties.

Wine Cellar Lighting

We recommend installing flexible display lighting that can be used throughout the cellar. Other popular options include thermally fused can lights.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Custom wine cellars created the wine cellar of our dreams. We love peeking in and seeing such a gorgeous and efficient space. The company contacts us a few times a year to connect and make sure everything is working well. Couldn't be happier with the service. Our friends were referred to this company after someone did a botch job on their wine cellar. The guys at The Custom Wine Cellar remedied their cellar and they have had no issues since it was redone. You can not go wrong hiring these guys. They are totally professional, efficient, timely and easy going.

    Daniela Delaney

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